Daisy Piper
       Author of the exciting new tween series,
           Book III 
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Callie, Lewis and Earle re-unite for a rolllicking adventure in Book III of THE CALLIE CHRONICLES,
Princess Callie and the Race for the Ruby Cup.

The international dragon competition is being held in the Royal City, and Callie can hardly wait to ride her beloved dragon, Earle, in the famous race.

But surprises are in store for Callie and her friends, as they discover there is much more at stake than winning the Ruby Cup.

Join Callie and her friends as they embark on an exciting mission to find a magical stone and unravel the secrets of a Lost City in Book II of the Callie Chronicles.

When Callie and Lewis return to a world of dragons, unicorns, and talking tiaras, they make a startling discovery... Dark forces threaten to overthrow the Palace of Albion with an ancient magic that must be destroyed at all costs.  

As Princess Callie reunites with old friends and meets new ones along
the way to the ancient city of Antheon, she discovers all is not what it seems...  And that sometimes friends and foes are one and the same.

adventure awaits that will keep you turning pages from the beginning to the end!"
                   -The Flashlight Reader

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Despite her highly abnormal name, Calandria Arabella Philomena Louisa Anastasia Richards tries very hard to fly under the radar.  So she knows her life has gone crazy when she passes a note to her best friend:

Lewis—something strange happened to me this morning. I got a message in my Alpha-Bits that said I was a princess and I had to help this place called Albion in their fight against an evil queen.    


P.S. Dad says you can come for pizza tonight.   
On her quest to stop a bloodthirsty queen, Callie will have to steer a near-sighted dragon, decipher an ancient riddle, and learn to command a tiara that talks back!  And to save this magical world she only just discovered, Callie must risk more than she ever thought possible...

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