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Read an exclusive exerpt from Book I of The Callie Chronicles:

Princess Callie and the Totally Amazing Talking Tiara

When Callie tries to use her powers, she discovers that magic is much more complicated than it seems!

     According to Dr. Monsoon’s exercise book, by the end of Chapter One, Callie should have been able to move objects with her mind, see through objects, and read people’s thoughts.
So far, she was ‘zero’ for three.
Forget zapping people with lightning bolts!
   “Now, try again,” Pericles commanded. “This time, concentrate.”

   “I’m trying,” Callie said.
   “You are not trying.”
   “Uh…hold on there, Dr. Monsoon—” Lewis interjected, standing.
   “Mr. Farnsworth, forgive m “I am concentrating,” Callie said, starting to feel her temper rise.
    “No, you are not,” Pericles said, whipping off his spectacles in exasperation. “You are making excuses, and you are refusing to apply yourself! I have given you the simplest of exercises, Your Highness, but you have failed to complete them as instructed. If you are content to fail at such a serious task…”  e, but this is a matter of National Security. The Princess must learn how to use her magical powers or our entire nation is doomed, do you understand that?  Trying is not good enough, Your Highness.  Trying is not going to save peoples’ lives,” Pericles said with all the warmth of a Major General.
    Callie tried to calm herself, but she couldn’t keep quiet. 
   “Do you know what I’ve been going through the past couple of weeks?  Do you?  I’ve had riding lessons and dancing lessons, lessons on royal fork usage and proper princess footwear!  I’ve had my hair curled and uncurled, braided and bunned.  My head hurts from trying on tiaras!  I’m up all night reading books on Ancient Albion History that weigh more than I do!  I’m trying so hard, and all you have to say is that it’s not good enough?  Well I’m sorry, Dr. Monsoon, but it’s going to have to be.”
    Pericles made a reply, but as Callie’s insides churned with anger, her instructor’s voice began to fade. “…would have expected more from you, a royal princess…greatly disappointed in your abilities, as well as your attitude…don’t know how I will explain this to the Queen….” 
    Callie closed her eyes.  She was so upset, she didn’t know what to do. 
    Just then, the top of her head began to feel lighter, somehow.  In fact, all of her felt lighter, like she weighed no more than a feather.  Her blood began to pump faster and faster, she felt something whoosh through her, and it felt good!
    She opened her eyes. 
    Then she blinked a couple of times.
    “Dr. Monsoon,” Callie asked.  “What are you doing up there?”
     Pericles Monsoon was floating near the ceiling with a bemused expression on his face.  He was upside down.  “I wanted to ask you the same thing, Your Highness, for it is you who put me here.” 
    “Me?”  Callie said, astonished, looking at Lewis.  She hadn’t done that…had she?
     Lewis pumped his fist in victory.  “Yeah!  That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout!”
    “I didn’t put myself up here, I assure you,” Dr. Monsoon said pleasantly, crossing his arms where he floated.  “Well done, Your Highness!  Excellent progress.”

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"Debut author Daisy Piper has created a charming and loveable young heroine who will steal your heart and keep you smiling from the first page to the last, in this classic tale of an everyday girl who discovers she can be and do so much more than she ever imagined possible. Readers will cheer from the rooftops for Callie, and will eagerly await the next instalment in this fresh and exciting new series. "
                 - USA Today Bestselling Author Julianne MacLean

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