Daisy Piper
About Daisy
Daisy Piper has been reading kids books ever since she was, well, a kid! 

Unable to put a good book down, as a child, Daisy would sneak into her closet with a flashlight and keep reading long after bedtime.  (Her Mom says the glowing light around the door-frame always tipped her off as to Daisy's whereabouts).

The story of Princess Callie and the Totally Amazing Talking Tiara popped in her head one day during a boring bus-ride.

"I was staring out the window, and all of a sudden in my mind's eye, I saw the gargoyles, Terry and Kevin looking down at Callie in the torchlight and saying, 'Hi!'  That's what started Callie's adventures."

The Talking Tiara was inspired by the famous "Russian Fringe Tiara," also known as the George III Tiara, from the personal collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

When not writing, Daisy can be found, sewing, quilting, and working in the garden.

You can email Daisy at:

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